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Dit is je eerste home widget box. Om te bewerken ga naar Uiterlijk > Widgets en kies het 6e widget van boven in gebied 6 genaamd Home Widget 1. Titel is ook te bewerken vanuit de widgets.

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Upon Males

‘Men’s ‘lewdness’ should be made an International sin by the UN!’

Upon Women

“Mother A’isha bint Abu Bakr: ‘WHY do women remain oppressed, abused, slaved, imprisoned, raped, sexually exploited?”  


Celebrating International Women’s day 2013   "Surat Al-Mā'idah 5:32: “(..) if anyone saves the life of one, he saves the life of humanity (..)”

Upon Women

“While ‘Men bring revolution, Women peace’, ‘Life remains a perilous journey for a woman’” (T. Karman/W.RJE.S)

Upon Males

“Be a hero, a real man and respect, don’t rape!”


Lao Tzu: “Throw away holiness and wisdom and people will be a hundred times happier”
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